Bar Feeder for Multi Spindle Lathe


AMS-26 is the first automatic oil type bar feeder with multi-spindle in Japan designed for multi-spindle lathes. Servo motor is adopted for feeding device and there is no need for temperature control because it is not operated hydraulically.

AMS-26 is perfectly connected with multi-spindle lathes.
Installation work is easier since caster wheels are equipped as standard accessories.


  • You can perform maintenance on a lathe without any trouble since the main unit can be moved 700mm backward.
  • Materials will be picked from the rack by the lifter and loaded into the support.
  • You can easily adjust the material diameter with one handle.


Material feed

Number of spindle: 6 spindles, pitch diameter 252mm
Material support Oil support
Bar diameter (mm) φ10~φ26mm
Rack capacity φ26mm → 32pcs
Material length 3.0m (2,000-3,110mm) 4.0m (3,000-4,110mm)
Remnant Retract Remnant (70-250mm)
Feed device AC Servo motor
Power source AC 200V 3PH 50/60Hz 2kVA
Air pressure 0.5Mpa (5~7kgf/㎠) 230L/min(ANR)
Lube oil Equivalent to ISO VG32 200L
Weight 3.0m (2,150kg) 4,0m (2,700kg) Oil tank weight: 140kg (without oil)

*Specification may be changed without notice for improvement.